Stein of Coffee!

I’ve got a post about (and my refusal to do any business with them as a consumer, author, or publisher) that I’m working on, but it’s not quite ready yet.

So in lieu of that post, I present the following photographic evidence:

Writing at the cafe

Renovation noise drove me out of the house again today, and while Janet took Anya to her parents’ place once more, I nipped over to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at the nearby Singapore Post Centre to get some more novel writing done. Next to my MacBook, you’ll see the Café Mocha that I nursed for the entire afternoon because it came in a glass the size of a freaking beer stein. I’ve seriously never had so much coffee at one time, but rationing it out over several hours helped any caffeine-related side-effects that might have otherwise overcome me.

On my screen is a page from the Tower novel, which I’m writing in Scrivener. If you’re a writer working on long-form fiction, or non-fiction, or screenplays, do yourself a favor and buy this amazing program. As you can see, one of Scrivener’s features is full-screen editing, which blanks out the rest of the open programs on your desktop to eliminate distractions. This feature, plus the stein of coffee, enabled me to write another 1600 words today, bringing the book’s total count to 81,000 words. I’m now past the two-thirds marker, and hoping that the current momentum will carry me quickly toward the end.


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  1. Your stein is nice, but I write with a bucket of coffee next to me. Yes, be jealous. I am curious about the Amazon matter …

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