Read an E-book Week!

2012chillThis coming week, 4-10 March 2012, is Read an E-book Week! The purpose of this event is to “educate and inform the public about the pleasures and advantages of reading electronically. Authors, publishers, vendors, the media and readers world-wide are welcome to join in the effort.” One cool way to celebrate is to check out the almost 40,000 public domain e-books listed at Project Gutenberg.

In addition, the e-book distributor Smashwords is running a sitewide promotion:

At one minute past midnight Pacific time on March 4, a special Read an Ebook Week promotion catalog will appear on the Smashwords home page. Readers can browse the catalog and search by coupon code levels and categories. At the stroke of midnight Pacific time on March 10, the catalog disappears.

This sounds like a fantastic idea, and a great way to spread awareness of the e-books obtainable on Smashwords.

So for next week only, Red Dot Irreal will be available (still completely DRM-free, still in multiple formats) ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

In order to take advantage of this special offer, you’ll need to go through the regular process to buy the book, then enter the coupon code RE100 to receive the 100% discount. It’s that easy!

Once you’ve downloaded and read the book, here are some things that you can do to help with the book’s visibility (reposted and revised from an earlier entry):

1. Consider rating the book at Goodreads, and posting a short review. Goodreads is probably the most influential book-related social network right now, and if a book page shows a good number of reader reactions, it can help to gauge interest and possibly nudge a passer-by into trying the book for herself.

2. You can also cross-post your review to Smashwords, the book’s Facebook page, and your own blog (if you maintain one). If you email me the link to your review, I’ll give a thankful signal boost on Facebook and Twitter, and also here at the blog.

3. If you decide you want a physical copy, you can buy it from one of the following places — in Singapore: BooksActually, Kinokuniya, Grapheme Zine Lab; in Europe: Studio Circle Six; and Worldwide in Print-on-Demand: (hand to heart, the POD paperback edition looks fantastic, almost indistinguishable from the original offset-printed book). You can also email me if you would like to buy a signed edition directly from the author.

4. If you really dug the book and want to go that extra mile to help others also find it, you can recommend the book personally to your friends, loved ones, book club, etc. Nothing piques a person’s interest in a book like an enthusiastic devotee!

Any and all pimpage efforts will be greatly appreciated. The goal here is to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the book.

Have a happy Read an E-book Week!

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