Announcing LONTAR


LONTARMath Paper Press and founding editor Jason Erik Lundberg are excited to announce the establishment of LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction. The mission of this quarterly literary journal is to promote and celebrate quality writing with elements of the fantastic, which is in some way connected with the cultures, traditions, mythologies, folk religions, and/or daily life in Southeast Asia. Joining Lundberg is prolific poet and fiction-writer Kristine Ong Muslim, who will assume the duties of poetry editor.

Southeast Asia is a region that has thus far been under-represented in the more traditionally Western field of speculative fiction. Part of the reason for this in the past has been the language barrier, but this is no longer the case; with English as the lingua franca the world over, more and more people in Southeast Asia know the language fluently. And while publications such as The Apex Book of World SF and Expanded Horizons have created friendly venues for SEA writers in English, the support is largely not there for speculative writing in their own countries, because it may be deemed “frivolous” or “not pragmatic enough.” LONTAR aims to fill this need.

Unsolicited submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and sequential art are welcome from both SEA and non-SEA writers. (Note: stories rejected from the anthology Fish Eats Lion should not be re-submitted for consideration at LONTAR; please send new work.) The reading period will begin on the 1st of June 2012; any pieces submitted prior to this date will be deleted unread. The first issue is planned for release and launch at this year’s Singapore Writers Festival.

Please visit the full submission guidelines at the LONTAR Submittable portal.

The editors look forward to reading your work!

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