Infinity Plus and Other Publication News

Infinity PlusI am very happy to announce that I have sold a small (37,000 words) ebook collection to Keith Brooke at Infinity Plus Books. It’s called The Alchemy of Happiness, and will include three long stories concerning my elemental characters Blue and Dane (the first two being “Reality, Interrupted” and “In Jurong“), as well as a 14,000-word hybrid-essay called “Embracing the Strange: The Transformative Impact of Speculative Fiction” (an expanded form of my CAP Plenary Lecture this past May, which will also hopefully be published soon as a standalone chapbook by Math Paper Press). We might also throw an interview in there too. The expected release date is sometime in October 2012.

Since Keith previously reprinted two of my stories (the other one being “Enlightenment“) at Infinity Plus’s previous incarnation as an online repository for groundbreaking science fiction, fantasy, and horror, I’m quite excited to be working with him once again on this ebook. He’s done an incredible job curating his current book line, and I’m proud to now be included among such writers as Robert Freeman Wexler, Anna Tambour, Neil Williamson, and Kit Reed.

In addition, as a wonderful kind of bonus, Infinity Plus Books will be re-issuing the ebook of Red Dot Irreal, with a brand new story written especially for the new edition. (As such, in the coming week, I’ll be removing my self-published edition from Smashwords, and it should steadily disappear from all the other ebook distribution outlets shortly thereafter.) Since both ebooks will be released at the same time, we’re going to offer a special deal: anyone who buys The Alchemy of Happiness will receive the new edition of Red Dot Irreal completely for free. More on this later.

Late 2012 is looking pretty sweet for me right now:

  •  I’m self-publishing ebook editions of my 2001 chapbook The Curragh of Kildaire (revised, with a new 3,000-word afterword and Jamie Bishop’s original “woodcut” illustrations, all proceeds to go to charity) and “Complications of the Flesh” (recently published in Bull Spec), and likely releasing them in September.
  • The Alchemy of Happiness and Red Dot Irreal 2.0 will drop in October.
  • Fish Eats Lion will launch in November.

These are exciting times, and they’re about to get excitinger.

N.B. The first issue of LONTAR will be delayed slightly, so instead of coming out in November as originally thought, it’s forecasted for release around March 2013.


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8 responses to “Infinity Plus and Other Publication News

  1. cool! looking forward to the published form of the CAP lecture you delivered… because i really enjoyed it when i was there & would love to read it again! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed your stories for years, and infinity plus is an excellent publisher—not only for writers but more importantly, one that readers can also always trust.

  3. congratulations on these significant accomplishments. I imagine it’s very gratifying to see the work of so many hours and so much care take public form.

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