FISH EATS LION Table of Contents

(Note: the above is still a placeholder image; the final cover art will be coming soon.)

We’re now about two months from publication and launch at the Singapore Writers Festival, so it’s about time that I announce the table of contents for Fish Eats Lion: New Singaporean Speculative Fiction!

01. Preface | Jason Erik Lundberg
02. The Story of the Kiss | Stephanie Ye
03. Agnes Joaquim, Bioterrorist | Ng Yi-Sheng
04. Punggol | Ben Slater
05. Welcome to the Pond | Wei Fen Lee
06. Last Supper | Jeffrey Lim
07. Rewrites | Shelly Bryant
08. Big Enough for the Entire Universe | Victor Fernando R. Ocampo
09. The Digits | Ivan Ang
10. Apocalypse Approaches | Daryl Yam
11. 010011010100010101001101010011110101001001011001 | Justin Ker
12. Dewy | Grace Chia Kraković
13. Where No Cars Go | JY Yang
14. Green Man Plus | Isa Kamari
15. Mirage | Noelle de Jesus
16. Feng Shui Train | Yuen Kit Mun
17. Last Time Kopitiam | Marc de Faoite
18. Chapter 28: Energy | The Centipede Collective
19. Waiting For the Snow | Carrick Ang
20. The Moon and the Stars | Andrew Cheah
21. The Disappearance of Lisa Zhang | Dave Chua
22. Open | Tan Ming Tuan
23. Zero Hour | Cyril Wong

Fish Eats Lion collects the best original speculative fiction—fantasy, science fiction, and the places in between—being written in Singapore today, a home-grown anthology featuring a refreshing variety of voices and perspectives. Here are tales that are recognizably science fiction and fantasy, but others that blend genres and tropes, including absurdism, police procedural, fairy tales, steampunk, pre- and post-apocalypse, political satire, and alien first contact. These twenty-two stories—from emerging writers publishing their first work to winners of the Singapore Literature Prize and the Cultural Medallion—explore the fundamental singularity of the Lion City.

This book is a celebration of the vibrant creative power underlying Singapore’s inventive prose stylists, where what is considered normal and what is strange are blended in fantastic new ways.

Anyone wanting a PDF Advance Reader Copy for the purposes of reviewing the book, please contact me at I want to spread the word far and wide about this anthology; it’s a book I’m damn proud to have put together, and the authors whose incredible fiction make up its 81,000 words deserve to have their voices heard.


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