What a Week I’m Having

I was remarkably productive this week, to my surprise and delight. Here’s what I did.

1. A big chunk of novel revisions for A Fickle and Restless Weapon. These had been weighing on me for a long time, so it was great to finally get some progress done on them.

2. Proof the layout for LONTAR #1, which looks great.

3. Proof the layout for Embracing the Strange, which is also looks great.

4. Query an artist friend about possibly collaborating on a graphic novel.

5. Write a piece for the “nasi lemak” issue of Twenty-Four Flavours.

6. Turn in the manuscript of Strange Mammals to Keith at Infinity Plus Books.

7. Organize a microfiction collection (which I probably won’t be done writing until late next year, but it was still fun to start putting it together).

I also got some really great news that I can’t share, because it’s not official just yet, but hopefully soon.

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