Events for 2021 SWF

Singapore Writers Festival 2021I’ll be appearing once again at the Singapore Writers Festival next month (my eleventh year in a row as a featured author), and even though there will be a mix of online and in-person events, the festival will be primarily virtual, as it was last year. Which I knew was coming, but it still makes me a bit sad that for the second year in a row, the pandemic has made it impossible for me to see many of my friends in the literary scene face to face.

However, the benefit is that anyone with a Festival Pass can watch my events from anywhere in the world! I’ll be participating in two panels this year, so catch them if you can:

Unravelling the Human Psyche in Fiction (livestream)
with Carolyn Camoens (moderator), Prayaag Akbar and Clarissa Goenawan

How much of the personal is political, and vice versa? We ask writers whose imperfect protagonists and compelling character dynamics give readers a glimpse into the complexity of the human psyche, all about the tensions of writing the interior while addressing the larger forces that shape human relationships and behaviour.

   ðŸ“…: Saturday, 6 Nov 2021
   ðŸ•£: 4.00–5.00pm SGT
   ðŸ“: SWF 2021 Live

Man Vs Machine (moderator) (pre-recorded)
with Becky Chambers, Aase Berg and Victor Fernando R. Ocampo

How has artificial intelligence given rise to new writing on the robot-human relationship? Can the speculative play a role in normalising otherness and shed light on what it means when contemplating a post-human existence?

   ðŸ“…: Sunday, 7 Nov 2021
   ðŸ•£: 11.30am–12.30pm SGT
   ðŸ“: SWF 2021 Live

See you there!

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