Official entry in the SFE

SFE entrySomething that 20-year-old me would have been freaking out about more than a little bit: if you search the online Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, you’ll now find an entry devoted to me and my work!

This is a big honour and I greatly appreciate it. In 1995, when I was still eight years from publication, I picked up the second edition of the Encyclopedia in print (a massive book) not long after it was released in the US, and it was an incredible resource that connected me to a long lineage of speculative fiction writers. All the authors that I revered and enjoyed were included, along with bibliographic data that pushed my nerdiest buttons.

It’s so cool that I now share space with those luminaries. Many thanks to John Clute and David Langford for including me in the SFE, and to Pete Young for his part in making this possible.

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