Announcing the Contents for Fish Eats Lion Redux!

Fish Eats Lion Redux

The contracts have all been signed, so I can now officially announce the contents for my new anthology, Fish Eats Lion Redux, forthcoming from Epigram Books in October/November! (Cover design by Priscilla Wong.)

  • Stay in the Sun | Meihan Boey
  • L’Appel Du Vide | Victor Fernando R. Ocampo
  • Tiger Girls | Felicia Low-Jimenez
  • Insert Credit to Continue | Stuart Danker
  • Longkang at the End of the World | Kimberly Lium
  • Down Into the Waters | Wayne Rée
  • Road Trip | Izzy Liyana Harris
  • Blood Double | Sithuraj Ponraj
  • Blue | Cyril Wong
  • Wife, Skin, Keeper, Slick | Wen-yi Lee
  • 315 | Daryl Qilin Yam
  • Asha Hanar’s Dowry | Nuraliah Norasid
  • Multiversal Adapter | Suffian Hakim
  • The Dog Frontier | Inez Tan
  • Sejarah | Ng Yi-Sheng

I’m so excited about this book; it’s a very worthy successor to Fish Eats Lion (2012), and keeps moving speculative fiction in Singapore forward. I can’t wait for you all to read these incredible stories!



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2 responses to “Announcing the Contents for Fish Eats Lion Redux!

  1. சுஜய் ரகு

    “Blood double” congratulations🌷🌷🌷

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