Diary of One Who Disappeared: A Novella

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“A fantastic tale of the possibility of revolution—both personal and political—inherent in every moment.”
—Ken Liu, author of The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

The year is 2040 and an envoy of the North American Union finds himself a fugitive in the Southeast Asian island-nation of Tinhau.

Lucas Lehrer is tasked with extending the offer of political partnership to Tinhau’s Ministry of Stability. When negotiations break down, he decides to request asylum, and soon encounters an odd series of coincidences in which his deep-seated desires start coming true. Among the backdrop of societal instability and growing nativism, he befriends a young woman who is not what she seems, and who may not be from our universe at all.

Notes From the Author

They say authors should write about what they know, so I suppose it was only natural that my own experiences influenced – slightly – my novella. In Diary of One Who Disappeared, the hapless hero, Lucas Lehrer, finds himself, after a series of unfortunate events, an immigrant in a strange land, having travelled from the North American Union (NAU) to the Southeast Asian island-nation of Tinhau (my alternative versions of the USA and Singapore, respectively).

At the start of the book, it’s quickly revealed that Lucas is a secret advocate for the rights of swees, those born with superhuman abilities – think X-Men or Heroes (“save the cheerleader!”).

The NAU – ruled by a despotic, racist bigot – has imprisoned all swees in concentration camps. The hidden aspect of Lucas’ mission is to enable an alliance between the NAU and Tinhau in order to shame his homeland into setting these special people free, because Tinhau is a utopian beacon for swee acceptance. But as Lucas comes to find out, even a utopia can hide an ugly underbelly, an Otherside of intolerance and hatred that is waiting and simmering until the moment comes for it to boil over.

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