Red Dot Irreal

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Reviews and Blurbs

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“… Lundberg explores the randomness of magical occurrences and how a life without magic can be just as deadening as it is safe.”
The Green Man Review

Travel to Southeast Asia on wings of the fantastic for Jason Erik Lundberg’s debut short-story collection Red Dot Irreal.

There you’ll meet pirates and shamans, wise fish and mystical storytellers, living monuments and paper animals, time travelers and civet cats, stone taxi drivers, floating dental patients, and a sentient bird park. Once you enter the surreal worlds of Lundberg’s equatorial fantastika, a part of you will never leave.

Red Dot Irreal


  1. Bogeymen
  2. Ikan Berbudi (Wise Fish) (original flash) *†
  3. Hero Worship, or How I Met the Dream King
  4. Lion City Daikaiju *
  5. Dragging the Frame (original flash) *†
  6. Big Chief ‡
  7. Occupy: An Exhibition ‡§
  8. Bachy Soletanche
  9. Kopi Luwak
  10. Paper Cow *
  11. Taxi Ride
  12. Coast
  13. In Jurong

* Included in the collective story The Red Dot Pentaptych
† Expanded from the original
‡ Only available in the Second Edition
§ Written especially for the Second Edition

Design of First Print Edition: You & Me CreativePrinting: AlsoDoMinie

A Note From the Author

I first visited Singapore in 2003, and right away the place struck me as strange, with high technology comfortably existing beside ancient superstition. The possibilities for fictive estrangement also bloomed in my mind, leading to its subtle intrusion into my fiction. This collection is the result of that quiet invasion.