Four Seasons in One Day

Four Seasons in One DayNo. 1 in the Two Cranes Press chapbook series is Four Seasons in One Day, a limited-edition collection of fiction, artwork and poetry from Jason Erik Lundberg and Janet Chui. The chapbook debuted at the 29th Annual World Fantasy Convention in Washington, D.C. during the Saturday evening small press party.

Stories from the collection have been reprinted in Fantastic Metropolis and the Serbian fiction magazine Znak Sagite, and were chosen for AndyHat’s annual recommended reading list of speculative fiction from 2003.


  1. Night Off, a short-short by Jason Erik Lundberg
  2. Ghost Dancing, a story by Jason Erik Lundberg
  3. The Sleepers, a story by Janet Chui
  4. Scarlet, a poem by Jason Erik Lundberg

A Note From the Authors

This small collection was printed in a very limited run of 100 copies, as an experiment to see whether becoming a small press publisher could be a viable enterprise, and sold out in just a few months. It is now out of print, and there are no plans to go back to press at this time.