Off the Map

Off the MapNo. 2 in the Two Cranes Press chapbook series is Off the Map, a mini-collection by Big Fish author Daniel Wallace. Off the Map gathers four of Wallace’s particularly weird and fantastical short stories in one place, presented with high-quality printing and a beautiful perfect-bound cover. Wallace himself provided the cover and all interior illustrations, each one a perfect companion to the stories inside. (Cover design and color by Janet Chui.)

Off the Map will take you to places you’ve never before visited, from far-flung cultures that obey different rules, to our own everyday existences, but tweaked slightly to show the magic of our normally mundane lives, the everyday of hairy men, conversing audio language tapes, and the very unique and sometimes inscrutable relationship of a man to his father. Each of these stories showcases a phenomenal command of the written word, and an eye for the bizarre. Whether they take place close to home or on the other side of the world, each is located off the map of normal perception.

“Vacation,” which is original to this collection, was anthologized in volume 19 of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.


  1. Slippered Feet (The Massachusetts Review, Vol. 30, No. 4, 1989)
  2. The Story of a Hairy Man (Witness, Vol. VII, No. 2, 1993)
  3. Vacation
  4. Four Short Novels About My Father (Portico, 2003)

A Note From the Author

Myths are just great stories, and they are the origin for all story, and all of our stories, literary and religious. Big Fish and some of my other stuff just works closer to the bone than other writers do—which is not necessarily a good thing. But I have always been aware that where there is a story there is someone telling it, and that the person telling the story is a part of the story, and to pretend otherwise is pretense. Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, [James G. Frazer’s] The Golden Bough—these books and books like them illuminate the universality of story and the invention of god and religion as part of story—our story. I’ve always been partial to The Odyssey, the book and even the cheesy movies that have been made about it. Perseus. But I could go on and on—there are so many, and they are so interesting, and so much fun to read and to think about.

from “Interview: Daniel Wallace” in Strange Horizons