Scattered, Covered, Smothered

Scattered, Covered, Smothered“It’s rather diverting stuff — sometimes dark, sometimes whimsical.” —Rich Horton, Locus

“You will want a copy… Weird stories about food. And weird poems about food. And recipes for foodish items. And a beautiful, amusing cover.”
Matt Cheney, The Mumpsimus

“A wirebound anthology that deliciously pushe[s] the limits of its ‘food’ theme.” —Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant, “Summation 2004: Fantasy,” The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror vol. 18

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We like food. We also like fiction. Put ’em together and what do you get? An anthology of food-related fiction, poetry and unusual recipes, edited by Jason Erik Lundberg, with cover art and book design by Janet Chui.

Two Cranes Press is delighted to present 54,000 words of literary ambrosia from a wide gamut of authors, from established novelists to writers who have never published before. Scattered, Covered, Smothered also showcases a range of genres, from the literary to the truly bizarre, and all areas in between. Inside these pages, you’ll find infatuation in Buenos Aires, quiet relationship struggles in American suburbia, an imaginary land constructed entirely of edibles, and the Lovecraftian horror of a very unusual café, among many others. The tales in this anthology have been exquisitely crafted, gently kneaded and lovingly shaped into imaginative literature that will leave you hungry for more.

“L’Alchimista,” which is original to this collection, was anthologized in volume 18 of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.


  1. The Cockaigne Poet Speaks of the Lackey King | Toiya Kristen Finley
  2. The Apocalypse and Then Oyster Loaf | Kevin James Miller
  3. L’Alchimista | N.K. Jemisin
  4. Seared Scallops and Steamed Green Beans | Christopher Rowe
  5. Love and Goat Cheese | A.K. Cotham
  6. Our Last Piece of Pizza | Bruce Boston
  7. How to Cure an Iron Skillet | Luna Black
  8. Bitter Pudding | Dominick Cancilla
  9. And a Sprig of Rosemary | Robert J. Santa
  10. Grumblebelly | Rhys Hughes
  11. I Dream of Strawberries | Marguerite Croft
  12. Along With the Usual | Jon Hansen
  13. The Crush | Louise Dolan
  14. Chemistry | Brendan Connell
  15. Rice Pudding | Jun Z. Lim
  16. Mallory’s Quick-Quick Seduction Cookies | by Mark Teppo
  17. Food for Thought | Dena M. Martin
  18. Cake for $200 | Anna K. Meade
  19. Tea Ceremony | Heather Shaw
  20. Chocolate | Susan Wardle
  21. The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Café | M.F. Korn, Des Lewis, and Jeff VanderMeer (cover letter)
  22. The Night-Soil Boys | Barth Anderson

Recipes and Poetry

  1. Absolutely the Last Monster to be Boiled in a Pot at My House | Rhys Hughes
  2. Doldrum-Defying Stir-Fry | Barth Anderson and Lisa Stuart
  3. Burbank With a Biryani: Bleistein With an Aloo Kofta | Rhys Hughes
  4. Prune Chicken | Elizabeth A. Jasper
  5. The Gourmet Cook Takes a Husband | Tina Connolly
  6. Vice Bread | Barth Anderson and Lisa Stuart
  7. Tabasco Caribbean Jerk Barbecued Chicken | Michael Lohr
  8. Madras Guillotine | Rhys Hughes
  9. Anti-Authoritarian Mediterranean Burritos | Jamie Bishop
  10. Avocado/Green Mango Salad | Nalo Hopkinson
  11. The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Vindaloo | Rhys Hughes

From the Editor

The reader of this book agrees that, in the turning, touching, looking at, or even being in the general vicinity of this text, he or she will not violate the book’s copyrights, upon punishment of pain, to be administered by strange men wearing white kitchen uniforms and tall hats, who will creep into your house while you are sleeping and spirit you away to the closest public park, where they will kick you and beat you with various skillets and crepe pans, or at the very least threaten to do so, and leave you to your own devices for returning home, which they will coat with a lacquer of non-stick spray, giving your humble house an unmistakeable glisten that your neighbors will point and laugh at, and they’ll know, absolutely know, that you are a copyright violator. We thought you’d appreciate the head’s up.