SCS — Reviews

“What could easily be one of the smartest, coolest and best anthologies to show up in 2004… This is one of those rockin’ really weird Rick-books that you simply must run out and buy. Wave it in the face of your roommate / partner / significant other / co-workers. Buy two and wear one like a hat. It’s that’s good.” —Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

“It’s rather diverting stuff—sometimes dark, sometimes whimsical.” —Rich Horton, Locus

“You will want a copy… Weird stories about food. And weird poems about food. And recipes for foodish items. And a beautiful, amusing cover.” —Matt Cheney, The Mumpsimus

“This entertaining collection of fiction and poetry about food preparation and consumption, interspersed with recipes ranging from unusual dishes like ‘Bitter Pudding’ to more traditional fare, has something for every taste.” —Paul Witcover, Realms of Fantasy

“A wirebound anthology that deliciously pushe[s] the limits of its ‘food’ theme.” —Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant, “Summation 2004: Fantasy,” The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror vol. 18

“A clever oddity of stories and poems, some of them including recipes and some of them dark.” —Ellen Datlow, “Summation 2004: Horror,” The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror vol. 18

“…the star contribution to the anthology, without a shadow of a doubt, is ‘The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Café’ by M.F. Korn, Des Lewis and Jeff Vandermeer… Pan-Tossed Nemonymi From Yuggoth anyone? Flaming Whole Giant Penguin, delivered fresh from the Mountains of Madness? Darioles of Nethermost Blight in Black Being Sauce? I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. The book may well be worth the cover price for this story alone.” —Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City