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Collected Stories

Strange Mammals

  1. Most Excellent and Lamentable,” Text:UR—The New Book of Masks (Raw Dog Screaming Press), Mar 2007
  2. The Artists Pentaptych,” Lone Star Stories no. 6, Dec 2004; shortlisted for the 2004 Brenda L. Smart Award for Short Fiction; nominated for the 2005 SLF Fountain Award
  3. “Don’t Blink”
  4. Avoirdupois,” The News & Observer Sunday Reader, Dec 2006
  5. “Great Responsibility”
  6. Strange Mammals,” Zouch Magazine, Aug 2011
  7. Screwhead,” Hot Metal Bridge no. 2, Oct 2007
  8. The Time Traveler’s Son,” Papaveria Press, Dec 2008; The Immersion Book of Science Fiction (Immersion Press), Sep 2010; The World SF Blog, Nov 2010
  9. “King of Hearts”
  10. Bodhisattva at the Heat Death of the Universe,” Alluvium: The Journal of Literary Shanghai, Jul 2017; Shanghai in Singapore (Literary Shanghai), Oct 2018
  11. “How To Make Chalk”
  12. One Big Crunch,” OPi8: New Dark Culture, Jul 2005
  13. “Lachrymose Intolerant”
  14. Jimi and the Djinn,” The Daily Cabal, Nov 2008
  15. “Multifacet”
  16. Night Off,” Four Seasons in One Day (Two Cranes Press), Oct 2003; Fantastic Metropolis, Dec 2003; Escape Pod, Dec 2005
  17. Enlightenment,” Intracities (Unwrecked Press), Oct 2003; Infinity Plus, May 2005; Voices: New Media Fiction, Mar 2006
  18. Stuck,” Farrago’s Wainscot no. 7, Jul 2008
  19. TCB,” Microcosmos: Orbital Decay (Kaleido Press), Dec 2012; Esquire (Singapore), Aug 2013
  20. One Less,” Americana, Feb 2005; Farrago’s Wainscot no. 2, Apr 2007
  21. Solipsister,” Electric Velocipede no. 9, Fall 2005
  22. Wombat Fishbone,” Sybil’s Garage no. 5, Mar 2008
  23. “Air is Water is Air,” Ceriph no. 2, Jan 2011
  24. The Apokalypsis Pentaptych,” Qarrtsiluni, Dec 2008; Journaling the Apocalypse (Phoenicia Publishing), Feb 2009
  25. Complications of the Flesh,” Bull Spec no. 7, Spring 2012; Smashwords [ebook], Sep 2012

The Alchemy of Happiness

  1. Reality, Interrupted,” The Third Alternative no. 42, Summer 2005; Infinity Plus, Jan 2006; honorably mentioned in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror vol. 19; Agua/Cero (Proyecto Líquido, Spanish trans.), Aug 2007
  2. In Jurong,” Quarterly Literary Review Singapore 8:4, Oct 2009; Red Dot Irreal (Math Paper Press), Oct 2011
  3. “Always a Risk,” Eastern Heathens (Ethos Books), Mar 2013
  4. Embracing the Strange,” Math Paper Press, Sep 2013
  5. “Represented Spaces: An Interview By Wei Fen Lee” [extract]

Red Dot Irreal

  1. “Bogeymen,” Subterranean Magazine no. 8, Oct 2011
  2. “Ikan Berbudi (Wise Fish),” Outpouring: A Typhoon Yolanda Relief Anthology (Kestrel DDM), Jan 2014 (original flash, The Daily Cabal, Jun 2009) *†
  3. “Hero Worship, or How I Met the Dream King,” Speculative Fiction Writers of Singapore, Sep 2010
  4. Lion City Daikaiju,”* The Daily Cabal, Feb 2009; UNION: 15 Years of Drunken Boat, 50 Years of Writing From Singapore (Ethos Books), Sep 2015
  5. “Dragging the Frame” (original flash, The Daily Cabal, Mar 2009; Embracing the Strange, Math Paper Press, Sep 2013) *†
  6. “Big Chief”
  7. Occupy: An Exhibition,” Alluvium: The Journal of Literary Shanghai, Jul 2017 ‡§
  8. Bachy Soletanche,” Scheherezade’s Bequest no. 16, Sep 2012 ‡
  9. “Kopi Luwak,” Readings from Readings 3: Everything About Us (Word Works), Jul 2016
  10. Paper Cow,” The Daily Cabal, May 2009 *
  11. Taxi Ride,” Quarterly Literary Review Singapore 10:1, Jan 2011; Starry Island: New Writing
    From Singapore
    , Mānoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing
    26:1, Summer 2014
  12. “Coast,” Coast: A Mono-Titular Anthology (Math Paper Press), Oct 2011
  13. In Jurong,” Quarterly Literary Review Singapore 8:4, Oct 2009

* Included in the collective story “The Red Dot Pentaptych
† Expanded from the original
‡ Only available in the Second Edition
§ Written especially for the Second Edition

Uncollected Stories

The Stargirl and the Potter,” Daily Science Fiction, Jul 2017

“Fragment From a Eulogy (II),” A Luxury We Must Afford (Math Paper Press), Nov 2016

BUMP,” Visual Verse 3:6, Apr 2016

“Fragment From a Eulogy,” A Luxury We Cannot Afford (Math Paper Press), Nov 2014

National Dish,” Twenty-Four Flavours: Chicken Rice, Jul 2014

Saudade,” Twenty-Four Flavours: Salted Vegetables & Duck Soup, Jul 2014

Meat,” Twenty-Four Flavours: Dolphin Meat, Sep 2013

Unique Snowflake,” Twenty-Four Flavours: Century Egg, Jul 2013

Nantaimori,” Twenty-Four Flavours: Sushi, Apr 2013

“Hidden in the Leaves,” The Ayam Curtain (Math Paper Press), Nov 2012; Embracing the Strange, Math Paper Press, Sep 2013

The Red Dot Pentaptych,” Quarterly Literary Review Singapore 9:2, Apr 2010

“Thanatopsis 2008,” The Saddest Place on Earth (Mimipong Press), Dec 2008

Malapropos,” MicroHorror, Sep 2008

Phonological Restructuring and Broca’s Aphasia as a Function of Cultural Assimilation: An Annotated Bibliography,” Behind the Wainscot, Mar 2008

Bricolage,” Behind the Wainscot, Feb 2007

BTW Features Jason Erik Lundberg,” Behind the Wainscot, Jan 2007

“Hair,” Americana, Apr 2005

Skin Flute,” Fishnet, Jul 2004

“King of the Traffic Lights,” Americana, Mar 2004

Jury Duty,” Eggplant Literary Productions’ Library, Jan 2004

Ghost Dancing,” Four Seasons in One Day (Two Cranes Press), Oct 2003; Znak Sagite (Serbian trans.) no. 15, Oct 2005

Scarlet,” Four Seasons in One Day (Two Cranes Press), Oct 2003; BlueGreen Planet, Jan 2006

Songstress,” Electric Velocipede no. 5, Fall 2003; honorably mentioned in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror vol. 17; The Virtuous Medlar Circle, Oct 2005; Voices: New Media Fiction, Mar 2006

Shiny Diner Blues,” The Dream Engine no. 6, Feb 2003