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Twenty-Four Flavours is a literary journal in unbound broadsheet format published by Math Paper Press, which features 24 Singaporean writers per issue, each contributing a piece of flash fiction of not more than 240 words. The journal runs for 24 issues plus one bonus issue, each issue food-themed.

“Everything in Moderation,” 25. Buffet, forthcoming

“Lost Time,” 24. Kopi-O, forthcoming

“Hidden Dragon,” 23. Milo, forthcoming

“It Doesn’t Have To Be a Snowman,” 22. Ice Kachang, forthcoming

“Satay Come Home,” 21. Satay, forthcoming

“To the Last,” 20. Roti John, forthcoming

“Wherever I May Roam,” 19. Durian, forthcoming

“Dependence,” 18. Breast Milk, forthcoming

“You Better Take Cover,” 17. Vegemite, forthcoming

“Use Only as Directed,” 16. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, forthcoming

“Play the Game,” 15. Baguette, forthcoming

“Big Deal,” 14. Churro, forthcoming

“Contained,” 13. Sauerkraut, forthcoming

“Totality,” 12. Pappadum, forthcoming

“Dark Blue,” 11. Bubble Tea, forthcoming

“Lifefriend/Lifefiend,” 10. Soju, forthcoming

“Supreme Umami,” 09. MSG, forthcoming

“Real Noodles,” 08. Maggi Mee, forthcoming

“The First Noble Truth,” 07. Nasi Lemak, forthcoming

“Marrow,” 06. Sup Tulang, forthcoming

National Dish,” 05. Chicken Rice, Jul 2014

Saudade,” 04. Salted Vegetables & Duck Soup, Jul 2014

Meat,” 03. Dolphin Meat, Sep 2013

Unique Snowflake,” 02. Century Egg, Jul 2013

Nantaimori,” 01. Sushi, Apr 2013