A Fickle and Restless Weapon

A Fickle and Restless Weapon

Quek Zhou Ma, a performer who goes by the stage name Zed, returns to the island-nation of Tinhau after a long absence to attend the funeral of his older sister. As he deals with conflicting feelings about a homeland he hardly recognises, he decides to produce a lavish production with the Ministry of Culture, but opening night is marred by a bombing attributed to a local resistance group, Red Dhole.

He meets Tara, a graphic designer with the Ministry of Culture who finds herself uneasily associated with Red Dhole. She is charged with bringing Zed over to the cause, but as the pair grow closer, she doubts whether she can complete her task. Meanwhile, Vahid Nabizadeh, Zed’s creative partner and a master puppeteer, finds belonging in Tinhau, but he becomes embroiled in political and financial intrigue that threatens to unbalance the stability of the government.

As Zed, Tara and Vahid struggle with their disaffected identities, Tinhau is abruptly attacked by the Range, a mysterious cloud formation that appears without warning and destroys without mercy, a weapon as fickle and restless as the human mind.

Praise for A Fickle and Restless Weapon

A Fickle and Restless Weapon is armed with rich imagination refined by good writing and editing, layering an already culturally rich city with even more lines of meaning and mythicism. Easily immersing us into this bizarro world with enough heart and humour to keep us reading, Lundberg’s novel is a fascinating addition to the Singaporean sci-fi canon, one that for all its oddities is a strong reflection of our current and future state of identity politics, and one that’s worth reading for its sheer audacity, bold ideas, and unforgettable characters.”
Bakchormeeboy (★★★★☆)

“Reminiscent of the uncanny visions of Jeff VanderMeer and Don DeLillo and buoyed by Buddhist philosophy, this narrative deepens the speculative world of Tinhau through a complex web of major to side characters. Epic, imaginative, full of twists and psychological surprises, the novel raises an intriguing mirror to contemporary, global-capitalist realities, coming alive with mind-bending magic, unexpected transgenderism, and political machinations.”
Cyril Wong, Singapore Literature Prize-winning author of This Side of Heaven

“Jason Erik Lundberg’s debut novel is a much-welcomed vortex into his majestic imagination and speculative inventiveness. Lush and rich with sensuous textures and cultural details, the Tinhau of his creation is populated by a cast of humans and posthumans, local folk and transnationals, all living in a time when ‘Fear is Safety’. But where Lundberg truly shines is in his deep insight into the thematic threads of the book—art and agency, appetite and repression, identity and negation, isolation and engagement, wonder and loss and acceptance: the complex personal and external struggles of the individual versus authority, the endless match of the longing for freedom against the strict demands of society. There is one novel that you must read this year. This is it.”
Dean Francis Alfar, Palanca Grand Prize-winning author of Salamanca and A Field Guide to the Roads of Manila

“Thrilling, textured, fantastical.”
Ken Liu, multi-award-winning author of The Veiled Throne and The Hidden Girl and Other Stories

“In propulsive, crystalline prose, Jason Erik Lundberg masterfully orchestrates an ambitious, wide-ranging tale of shifting identities and political intrigue. Lundberg’s searing depiction of the imagined surveillance state of Tinhau raises probing, complex questions, giving readers no choice but to consider their world anew.”
Kirstin Chen, bestselling author of Bury What We Cannot Take and Soy Sauce for Beginners

“The Republic of Tinhau is a welcome addition to the archipelago of literature’s imaginary islands. In A Fickle and Restless Weapon, Jason Erik Lundberg brings the reader to its shores and its stories with style and daring invention.”
Sjón, celebrated author of The Blue Fox and CoDex 1962

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