Fish Eats Lion

Fish Eats Lion   Fish Eats Lion

Fish Eats Lion: New Singaporean Speculative Fiction collects the best original speculative fiction being written in Singapore today, a home-grown anthology featuring a refreshing variety of voices and perspectives. Here are tales that are recognisably science fiction and fantasy, and others that blend genres and tropes, including absurdism, police procedural, fairy tales, steampunk, pre- and post-apocalypse, political satire, and alien first contact. These twenty-two stories—from emerging writers publishing their first work to winners of the Singapore Literature Prize and the Cultural Medallion—explore the fundamental singularity of the Lion City.

This book is a celebration of the vibrant creative power underlying Singapore’s inventive prose stylists, where what is considered normal and what is strange are blended in fantastic new ways.


  • Preface | Jason Erik Lundberg
  • The Story of the Kiss | Stephanie Ye*
  • Agnes Joaquim, Bioterrorist | Ng Yi-Sheng
  • Punggol | Ben Slater
  • Welcome to the Pond | Wei Fen Lee
  • Last Supper | Jeffrey Lim
  • Rewrites | Shelly Bryant
  • Big Enough for the Entire Universe | Victor Fernando R. Ocampo
  • The Digits | Ivan Ang
  • Apocalypse Approaches | Daryl Yam
  • 010011010100010101001101010011110101001001011001 | Justin Ker
  • Dewy | Grace Chia Kraković
  • Where No Cars Go | JY Yang
  • Green Man Plus | Isa Kamari
  • Mirage | Noelle de Jesus
  • Feng Shui Train | Yuen Kit Mun
  • Last Time Kopitiam | Marc de Faoite
  • Chapter 28: Energy | The Centipede Collective
  • Waiting For the Snow | Carrick Ang
  • The Moon and the Stars | Andrew Cheah
  • The Disappearance of Lisa Zhang | Dave Chua
  • Open | Tan Ming Tuan
  • Zero Hour | Cyril Wong

* Only found in the first print edition

Praise for Fish Eats Lion

“Lundberg combines accessibility with a uniquely Singaporean flavor in his selections. SF readers looking to expand their horizons will enjoy visiting new worlds from an unaccustomed point of view.” —Publishers Weekly

“I doubt I’ll read a more engaging collection this year. […] There’s a rich optimism to be found here that speaks of lesser-known spec-fic writers rising to a challenge, and that challenge being more than adequately met.” —Pete Young, Big Sky

“Entertaining in this post-colonial era, it hints at how storytellers can become mythmakers, with the power to change the world.” 3.5/5 stars —Akshita Nanda, The Straits Times

“Lundberg should be congratulated for bringing these works together and seeing the project through to completion. On the whole, this collection of short stories heralds a bright future for speculative fiction in Singapore.” —Cha: An Asian Literary Review

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