Red Dot Irreal

Red Dot Irreal Expanded Second Edition   Red Dot Irreal

Travel to Southeast Asia on wings of the fantastic for Jason Erik Lundberg’s debut short-story collection Red Dot Irreal.

There you’ll meet pirates and shamans, wise fish and mystical storytellers, living monuments and paper animals, time travelers and civet cats, stone taxi drivers, floating dental patients, and a sentient bird park. Once you enter the surreal worlds of Lundberg’s equatorial fantastika, a part of you will never leave.


* Included in the collective story “The Red Dot Pentaptych
† Expanded from the original
‡ Only available in the revised edition of Red Dot Irreal

Praise for Red Dot Irreal

“I am not usually a fan of magic realist tales or stories that blend the contemporary mundane with magic, but Lundberg’s collection of ‘equatorial fantastika’ may make me a convert. Each of these stories are carefully crafted and make exceptional use of Lundberg’s own time and space for narratives that are equal parts Kafka, ancient folklore, and travelogue. […] You absolutely must read Red Dot Irreal.” —Grasping for the Wind

“Most writers have a novel to release to the masses, but not many have a debut like this—a collection of stories that tests our sense of reality and what is surreal. […] A compelling debut.” —SF Site

Red Dot Irreal is a small book, where the emphasis, from design and print through to the writing, is clearly focused more on quality than on quantity. If you are looking for a new doorstop, then this is not the book for you, but if you want to take a brief, but magical, trip through the imaginarium of Lundberg’s Singapore, then Red Dot Irreal makes for a unique and unforgettable otherworldly read.” —Marc de Faoite, The Star (Malaysia)

“His writing often feels whole, in the sense that each story has been not so much ‘worked out’ as ‘grokked in its fullness’ first and written out subsequently. […] Ten stories in all, each a memorable trip into ‘equatorial fantastika’. I’m looking forward to whatever Lundberg does next.” —Pete Young, Big Sky

“Stories exotic, spicy, and redolent as a four-star curry. A fine meal for the mind awaits you in Lundberg’s collection.” —Jonathan Carroll, author of Outside the Dog Museum

“Lundberg’s writing is that of an Old Soul who views the world through Young Eyes; his work is jamais vu of the highest order: these stories are memories encountered for the first time, but never to be forgotten once they’ve been experienced.” —James A. Owen, author and illustrator of Here, There Be Dragons

Red Dot Irreal is a box made of the finest equatorial wood, containing a collection of genuine gems of the early 21st century noble art of fantastika.” —Zoran Zivkovic, author of The Last Book

Red Dot Irreal teems with imagination, location, originality, and fine writing.” —Jeffrey Ford, author of The Empire of Ice Cream

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